A recent survey conducted by the Gallup organization found that 75% of those who attend church want the content and teaching in their church to ‘help connect their faith to their family life’ in ways that are both practical and long-lasting.

We understand that attracting, retaining & serving young families has never been more difficult–or more important–for the church. And, we also appreciate that many churches take that 75% statistic to heart by offering various study programs, including some that provide financial instruction from a Biblical viewpoint.

Financial stewardship is very important, especially to young families. But, when their 9-week course of financial study is over, what is it about that money-centered study program that will help to engage those families more deeply in your church, and that will encourage and motivate them to commit to your church year after year?

Share this    FLYER    with your church leadership.

Share this FLYER with your church leadership.

The fact is, there is an even more important kind of stewardship that we are called to advance, and, sadly, it is not something that is widely taught in the church. That is Family Stewardship, the Christ-centered process by which we educate our children and grandchildren about our values, life lessons, and the unique traits and characteristics that define us as a family.

Family Stewardship education does not end after a 9-week course of study. It begins. 

90% of families fail at financial stewardship

You can learn about the 90% historical family failure rate HERE. What has been true for centuries is that all the financial instruction in the world is no match for the other forces that tear at families from one generation to the next. Only Christ-centered Family Stewardship can beat the 90% odds and keep generation after generation close to the fire of their faith.

We have over two decades of experience in developing and delivering practical, original, proven programs that help families get stronger today, and remain that way for generations. Learning and growing in the Christian faith is a key component in the multi-generational process that we have helped to pioneer.


When young families in your church complete our program of study, they will be equipped to begin a journey of teaching, commitment, support and engagement that will lift up your church even as it uplifts their families.

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