Rod Zeeb, Program Author & Host

Rod Zeeb, Program Author & Host

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The Family Stewardship Center delivers exactly what families, churches and people of faith have been looking for: practical, proven, Christ-centered instruction that will help them grow stronger today, and stay that way for generations. Get this program, and hold it close. Generations to come will thank you.” – Dan T. Garrett, Vice Chancellor, Abilene Christian University and President Emeritus, The ACU Foundation

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217 page, softcover book“A major contribution to Family Stewardship,” Lloyd Bentsen III, National Christian Foundation

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125 page, softcover study guide Original and unique exercises have been proven with thousands of families around the world.


Quarterly newsletter contains updates, useful information, exclusive products and discounts.

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Information-packed webinars each quarter. Available live or on demand exclusively for members.

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Live speakers available, including program author and host Rod Zeeb.

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Study program students receive a 20% discount off the $99 1st year Membership when they enroll through your church. And, in addition, your church receives a 10% tithe from the Family Stewardship Center. Details HERE

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Family Stewardship: Beyond the Money is the culmination of over two decades of research and practical application by Rod Zeeb and the hundreds of professionals he has trained. This Christ-centered, Biblically-based program has one objective: to help families to develop a culture of communication, trust and mentoring, all wrapped around the common purpose of a Christ-centered family. Rod has worked with families from all backgrounds and income levels, and he likes to remind people that planning for the future of their families is not the same as planning for the future of their money. The lessons in Beyond the Money reflect God’s instructions about what is more valuable than silver and gold.


Rod’s training style is high-energy and information-packed. Each of the 9 video lesson he leads follows Biblical mandates as he presents proven, practical, real-world techniques for stewarding a family through the ups and downs of life. Lesson topics include subject like:

• What does it take to build a family culture.

• How does a family build–and maintain–a high level of trust.

• How do we best and most effectively communicate.

• What is the role of generation to generation mentoring, and how is it achieved.

• What do you as a parent when (not if!) you mess up.

• What are we called to teach our children.

• What is good and what is right.

• Focus on the positive & get started with your family now.


This fast-paced, engrossing book provides an in-depth examination of a unique step-by-step process through which families can build their own thriving, Christ-centered, multigenerational family. Rod Zeeb spent two decades developing this series of activities and exercises.

The three core objectives of building trust and communication while mentoring the rising generations take place under the ‘umbrella’ of twelve elements of behavior that have characterized the successful 10% of families for centuries.

One observer described the Family Stewardship book this way: "When it comes to stewarding our families, The Bible tells us WHAT we should do. This book tells us HOW to do it.”


The 125-page Study Guide that accompanies the book and video lessons is not an assembly of theoretical ideas. Each exercise is rooted in research, has been completed by thousands of people, and has been reviewed and tested by dozens of experts across a wide spectrum of professions.

We all know that success in almost any endeavor comes about from study, application and repeated practice. The group and individual exercises in this book are thought-provoking, inspirational and motivating. Each is inspired by scripture, and each is designed to move you and your family along the path to greater unity, confidence and certainty. Plus, many are fun, and will be remembered by your family for years to come.

The book is in an 8.5” x 11” format, and is easy to make notes in. Some of the exercises are designed to be be re-visited in the coming years, and all of them have a lasting impact upon the people who complete them.


Once each quarter we will email an informative newsletter to study program participants, and to churches that host the program. Each newsletter will contain information, reading resources, testimonials from people doing the study program,tips and suggestions for dealing with different kinds of family dynamics, and suggestions for those who wish to dive deeper into various topics.

All of the material in these newsletters will be original to the Family Stewardship Center. We will not re-publish work from other sources. This way our readers can be assured that they are receiving value from this newsletter that they cannot get elsewhere.

In addition, the newsletter will provide a forum for Christian families and church leaders to share family stewardship stories.


Study program participants will get exclusive invitations to live quarterly webinars where a wide range of topics under the family stewardship umbrella will be discussed. This is your opportunity to meet and ask questions of the people who develop and deliver the Family Stewardship programs. These lively webinars are intended to be highly interactive–we always learn something new from the people who are doing the family stewardship study program. We want to hear from you, and this is a great forum for that to happen.


We are pleased to make Family Stewardship professionals available to speak at your church or special event. These folks are highly experienced multigenerational family development professionals who share a heart for Christ and a passion for helping families.

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