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The Family Stewardship Book

The Bible is clear that we are to be good stewards within our families.  For centuries that has almost always been interpreted as a mandate to first and foremost be wise stewards of our financial resources. Rod Zeeb's new book, Family Stewardship: Thrive for Generations, argues that if we regard the Bible's teachings on stewardship merely as a kind of spiritual money management program, we are missing the deeper value and far more encompassing gift that Biblical stewardship offers to families. Would you like to become a more effective steward of your own family, starting today? Would you like to help your children and grandchildren to unify and strengthen their own families in common purpose, and to remain strong and purposeful for generations? If so, Zeeb says, you must learn to move far beyond the money and focus on what the Bible teaches us is far more important than financial wealth.  In this fast-paced, thought provoking book, Zeeb examines the importance of passing of the non-financial assets of the family and fulfilling the Biblical mandates regarding teaching and training our children and grandchildren. He draws upon Bible verse, historical scholarship, extensive surveys of studies about families, and his own two decades-plus career working with families who desire to build their futures upon the things that matter most to them, especially their faith.


Building and maintaining trust within families is a priority for those who are looking to develop a common Christ-centered family vision, and to remain strong as a family for generations. This article from Family Stewardship CEO Rod Zeeb’s highlights the value and meaning of trust in our lives. Click image to open article.


Our family life and relationships are built on memory. The stories, life lessons and experiences our parents and grandparents share with us become an important part of the fabric of our family life. In this article, B.R. Haga discusses the importance of not letting those stories fade away. Click image to open article.


Effective, respectful communication is a key attribute of successful families, and at the heart of good communication is courtesy. To become leaders in our families, our churches and our professions, we must communicate not just effectively, but also courteously. Courtesy is sometimes called the ‘forgotten’ virtue. In this article Rod Zeeb explains why we should practice courtesy consciously, and why it is so important for our children to learn to be courteous. Oh, and with that in mind, thanks for reading!  Click image to open article.


Effective, honorable leadership in our families, churches and places of work is a vital ingredient for a healthy, productive life. And, while there are plenty of famous people whose leadership roles we can learn from, the most important lessons we can learn about leadership happen right in our own backyards. B.R. Haga addresses the many kinds of leadership we encounter in our lives, and pays special attention to the role that parents and grandparents play as they mentor, guide and instruct their families. Click image to open article.


Whatever habits, skills, truths and paths we seek to follow in life, we must be intentional about how we proceed. Becoming an intentional person–whether it is in our prayer life or the routines and schedules we know we should follow–takes discipline. Most of all, it requires that we have role models in our own families, schools and churches who we can learn from. Rod Zeeb points out that getting from point A to point B requires an act of will, effort and intentionality. Click image to open article.

the 90% Family failure rate

Perry L. Cochell and Rod Zeeb’s book, Beating the Midas Curse, has gone through multiple hardcover printings and is now in its second, fully-revised edition. It is regarded as the standard resource for understanding the history, impact and solutions to the 90% family failure rate. Fast paced and thought-provoking, Beating the Midas Curse is filled with useful information and timeless stories that will give you new perspectives on how we can develop thriving, multi-generational families. Link here to AMAZON to read about or purchase the book.Contact us directly for special case (20 books +) discounts

Leaving a Legacy

The most important inheritance your children receive from you comes while you are still alive. It is embedded in your everyday life. It is made up of the values you prize and the priorities you practice. This is an inheritance you live and model to your family, friends, and the people who make up your world. If your priorities during life are your faith, your relationships, and your values, you should maintain those priorities as you develop your legacy. This book will help you put family and faith before fortune as you plan for the future. Link here to AMAZON to learn more or purchase this book.