Christ-Centered Study Programs

Helping the families you serve to thrive for generations

Introduction to the study program, with Rod Zeeb

We often ask this question of the people with whom we work: if you could look 60 years into the future where a gathering of your family was taking place, what would you like to see? Family unity, individuals living meaningful, fulfilled lives, happily engaged in their churches and their communities?

That’s a powerful thought exercise. It’s interesting to note that in the hundreds of responses we have received to this exercise, we have never heard anyone say they hope their family will be enormously wealthy. Instead, they talk about the faith, love, interconnectedness and other positive values they hope their family will still be living by generations from now.

True ‘Family’ Stewardship is the key to that kind of future. Our study programs make that future possible.

What people are saying about the program

“The Family Stewardship Center delivers exactly what families, churches and people of faith have been looking for: practical, proven, Christ-centered instruction that will help them grow stronger today, and stay that way for generations. Get this program, and hold it close. Generations to come will thank you.”  Dan T. Garrett, Vice Chancellor, Abilene Christian University and President Emeritus, The ACU Foundation

“A major contribution to Family Stewardship,” Lloyd Bentsen III, National Christian Foundation

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